Inspection Services

    What is’s Inspection Service

    With’s Inspection Service, you can order services from professional 3rd party inspectors and inspection companies directly on the Internet at The, inspector will visit the manufacturing and/or port facilities anywhere in and make reports including pictures to certify that the goods being produced and shipped reach quality standards.

    • Types of inspections generally offered:
    • Initial Production Inspection During Production Inspection Final Random Inspection Container Loading Check Factory Audit.


    How to use

    How does the Inspection Service work

    1. The inspection company will notify the buyer and the seller via email after receiving the inspection request.

    2. The seller provides an appointment application form and other materials to schedule an appointment for the on-site check.

    3. If there are special inspection requirements, the buyer can reply to the inspection email with their requirements included.

    4. The inspector will perform the on-site inspection according to the scheduled appointment time. (Note: The seller must have at least 80% of the products finished and packaged before the goods are inspected.)

    5. The inspection company issues the inspection report.

    6. The buyer can view or download the inspection report online.

    Production Monitoring

    USD 48.00

    Provides ongoing tracking and reporting of production progress.

    • Low-cost pricing
    • Fast service
    • Detailed report
    • Keep up-to-date on production
    • Reduce risk of order delays
    • View product details before shipment
    • Monitoring

    Call to confirm production status

    Periodic phone call

    On-site check (one visit)

    Quantity check

    All cartons Visual check

    1 pc/item

    Packaging, shipping mark and inner carton marking checks

    1 carton/item


    as low as

    USD 118

    Independently conducted by professional third-party service providers. Our partners visit the manufacturing facilities and randomly check products against order specifications.

    • Independent 3rd party
    • Professional inspectors
    • High-efficiency
    • Check for product conformity
    • Reduce risk of quality issues
    • Enjoy MerchantAd lower price

    Sampling Level

                                                 Level S-3                                                               Level G-I                                                             Level G-II

                                               USD 118.00 USD 168.00                               178.00 USD 258.00                                  188.00 - 218.00 USD 268.00

    Third-party service

    Service providers

    On-site check (one visit)

    Workmanship Check (pcs)         ≤ 50                                  ≤500                                                        ≤500

    Function Check (pcs                     1                                        3                                                              3

    Contract Product Quality (pcs)      3                                        3                                                             10

    Conformity Check (pcs)                 3                                        3                                                              3

    Quantity Verification                      All                                      All                                                            All

    Service Time (hour)                      ≤2                                      ≤8                                                            ≤8

    How it Works

    1. Add the service to your Trade Assurance Order

      • 1. Place a trade assurance order. After you have entered the seller's email address you can choose to add the Production Monitoring & Inspection service.
      • 2. If you have already placed a Trade Assurance order you can go to your order details page and add Production Monitoring & Inspection service there.

      *Service availability depends on the location of your seller and order type.

    2. 2 Complete payment

    3. 3 Service provided

      • 1. Inspection details confirmed with buyers and sellers via email.
      • 2. Inspection performed on-site.
      • 3. Inspection report provided within 24 hours.
    4. 4 Check report online

      • Go to your order details page to view the inspection report.
    5. 5 Review service

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