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    Unlock the Power of Online B2B Sourcing with MerchantAd

    MerchantAd.com is offers a powerful solution for B2B sourcing in any industry with valuable resource…

    Connect Customers by Maximizing B2B Sales with Merchantadcom A Guide to Streamlining Procurement

    "Merchantad.com is a leading B2B platform that streamlines procurement processes, helping companies…

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    Benefits of Being with us.

    IKM Your Online Business Partner


    When Your Business Grows, We Grow!


    Merchantad.com is a complete solution for your business. A B2B webportal describes the attention of the market and customers for a brand's identity. By using the merchantad.com that ratify with the goods and service tax law of India. • Safe and Secure • Keep Your Sales Records In Cloud


    Our Advertising is clearly about grabbing people's attention. If we have an audience even small access to somewhere with an advertising screen, you have recourse to advertising. The key to advertising has always been fetching your ads seen — and today, the most effective way to grab a customer's attention is with video advertising on local society and market screens. Our Display or screen Advertising offers high results because it's one part of an integrated or Digital Marketing solution. Screen

    Distributors and Finance

    Our company wraps a wide range of distributors with various financing desires. With the surplus of financial contributions usable today, business partners are evolving critical tunnels, in constructing the right connections between retail investors and financial investment products. We support our customers in achieving their business goals, by delivering the right tools desired to build productive and dynamic businesses. Devoted to building quality, we offer extensive sales, digital marketing,

    360 degree solutions

    MerchantAd.com. India's largest online B2B marketplace for Small & Medium Size Businesses, connecting global buyers with suppliers. The company offers a platform & tools to over 1.2 million suppliers to generate business leads from over 6.5 million buyers, who use the platform to find reliable & competitive suppliers. The company has over 2800 employees located across 60+ offices in the country. MerchantAd.com offers products that enable small & medium size businesses generate business leads


    Why The Merchantad Ranked Top Among The Leading Web Design & Digital Marketing Companies

    MerchantAd.com is a leading firm based in India, which collaborates with you as your Service Partner despite of working as a service provider. With perfect plan, right execution, and appropriate technology, we take your business towards a flourishing growth in the cut-throat market. We upscale your business with seasoned skills, inventive ideas and expertise to deliver a product with precision. B2B marketplace is a type of website where sellers offer products and services to other businesses. B2C and B2B marketplace are somewhat related but have some disparities that differentiate them from the B2C model. With B2B marketplaces, everybody wins. Consumers get a frictionless buying experience and dealers enter markets they may not even know exist. A digital marketing marketplace makes everyone’s job easier. Marketplaces are one of the finest disrupters to B2B eCommerce in the last 5 years. Record markets that contrarily represent walled-off gardens.